The EBA shredder 7050 C
EBA 7050 C is equal to the Tarnator 4000 EC, However, smaller in size.

The EBA shredder Tarnator 4000 EC
EBA Tarnator 4000 EC is a flexible easy to move (castors) shredder suited for offices and / or printers. The shredded paper is Collected in a little container in a plastic bag.

The EBA TA 4-510 kombi
EBA TA 4-510 combination is by its wheels easily moveable shredder-which Immediately compresses the shredded material in waste bags. The press weighs Approximately 930 kg. And Has A working space of approx 4 x 2 meters. required. The press Suitable for shredding light cardboard waste, packaging materials, documents and other papers.