The Albers 200VP baler

The Albers 200 VP is a compact vertical one chamber baler with a relatively large opening and a simple safe operation. The press has a five-fold strapping.

Engine power: 4 kW
Dimensions vd press (WxDxH): 1570x970x2000 mm
Filling opening (W x H): 1100 × 630 mm
Bale Weight: up to 250 kg
Press force: 20 tons

Baler S-10 (offer)

Electric motor: 3 kW
Pressing power 100 kN (10 tons)
Working pressure: 180 bar
Special pressure: 14.2 N / cm2
Cycle of operations : 30sec
Output per hour: 800 kg
Number of bales: 4-7
Bale Size: 1000x700x500 mm
Bale Weight: 50-120 kg
Press Dimensions: 1535x837x2970 mm
Press weight: 870 kg
Oil capacity: 30 liters

Baler S-8 (offer)

Electric motor: 2.2 kW
Pressing power 80 kN (8 tons)
Working pressure: 125 bar
Special pressure: 11.2 N / cm2
Cycle of operations : 20 sec
Output per hour: 400 kg
Number of bales: 4-7
Bale Size: 700x800x500 mm
Bale Weight: 35 -70 kg
Press Dimensions: 800x1420x2480 mm
Press weight: 550 kg
Oil capacity: 22 liters